Side effects from antibiotics that you didn’t know about

One of the most popular side effects after taking antibiotics is nausea. Sometimes diarrhea joins the first symptom. Almost every one of us knows about these manifestations, based on personal experience, or from doctors. But according to data from American scientists, almost 20% of people who used antibiotics, faced with other side effects. We will tell about them in this article.

  • Sensitivity to sunlight

Some groups of antibiotics may affect how your skin reacts to ultraviolet radiation. Excessive sunlight during medication can cause severe flaking of the skin or even a burn. In this case, the Most Unexceptional option would be to limit yourself to going out no later than 10 am and not earlier than 2 pm It is also recommended to use sunscreen and wear long sleeves.

  • The febrile phenomenon

Such a symptom can be formed not only because of the intake of antibiotics. If the reason is still in the medication, then most likely you have an allergic reaction to the component in the composition of the drug. Because of this, before taking certain medicines, you should consult with your doctor. Most often, the fever goes away on its own, but in rare cases, a person may be tormented by increased body temperature , which cannot be knocked down.

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system

This phenomenon is very rare, but antibiotics can trigger heart problems. In most cases, this leads to an arrhythmia or a decrease in blood pressure. To solve the situation, you need to consult a doctor and change the drug.

  • Tooth discoloration

Medicines belonging to the tetracycline group can lead to staining or discoloration of tooth enamel. This side effect is typical for children under 8 years old. If you use antibiotics in this group while carrying a child, then the baby will most likely have problems with teeth. To avoid such a situation is possible, thanks to new data that scientists have made public. Modern antibiotic “Doxycycline” has not such a strong effect on calcium, which is why it does not cause staining of the teeth.

  • Unintentional pregnancy

Yes, it sounds weird. If you think about it, how can antibiotics and pregnancy be related? It’s simple. If you use the antibiotic Rifamycin and oral contraceptives at one time, the effectiveness of the second is significantly reduced. From this it follows that increases the chance of unwanted pregnancy .

What to do in this case? During the use of drugs and a week after the course, you must use additional methods of protection.