Five ways to Get Rid of a Headache With The Help of Folk Remedies

For people suffering from headaches, continuous pill treatment is not the most useful option. Instead, you can use at least effective “natural” methods of treatment.

The first step is to establish the root cause of frequent headaches. As a rule, the main problem is the lack of water in the body and an excess of heat. Low humidity, elevated temperature of the atmosphere, too warm blanket or a small amount of water consumed – all this can lead to unnecessary discomfort. Below we look at five ways to deal with a headache, using exclusively folk remedies.

Healing herbs

Melissa is famous for being able to replace headache pills with ease. She copes with tinnitus and resulting insomnia. Cooking broth from lemon balm: 2-3 tbsp. l dry herbs pour a glass of boiling water, cover with a saucer and allow to infuse for an hour. Strain the liquid every 2 hours and drink 2 tablespoons.

In addition to lemon balm, valerian root is also widely used, from which a decoction is prepared in the same way: a tablespoon of finely chopped root is placed in a glass of boiling water, boiled for fifteen minutes over low heat. Strained tincture taken in a tablespoon three times a day.

Medicinal fees and decoctions of herbs work much softer and safer pills, in addition, they are not addictive. Natural analgesic is the collection of peppermint, fireweed and oregano; half a tablespoon of such a collection is poured with a glass of boiling water, allowed to infuse, filter and drink.


This folk remedy is used for severe headaches. Tincture of cinnamon can be taken orally, as well as wipe her forehead and temples, which contributes to the reduction of headaches. Preparation: 1 gram of ground cinnamon is poured with a glass of hot water, allowed to brew for half an hour, add a little sugar and drink in small sips.

Dill seeds

One tablespoon of seeds is poured with a glass of boiled water. After half an hour, filter the extract and gradually drink during the day.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile – a unique plant with a whole range of useful properties. Due to its essential oils, it has a calming and sedative effect, relieves spasms, is an indispensable tool during cold and flu , activating the immune system.


A common way to eliminate headaches is to use various compresses. The most effective are headbands of raw, bruised cabbage leaves, as well as lotions of raw potatoes, which are applied to the temples.