Alternative medicine: what more – benefit or harm?

“People” or evidence? What means to treat? These questions can be classified as eternal. As practice shows, even the most “advanced” patients from time to time decide: “enough chemistry”! And they begin to strike at all kinds of new (or vice versa old, folk) methods of treatment.

Apparently, this is how we are created, not in the world of Mediocrity. And since there is no perfect medicine, so it is for sure. It always seems to us that somewhere there, beyond the mountains, beyond the seas can cure everything. And: quickly, cheaply and painlessly. Is it so?

Actor Michael Douglas, in whom doctors discovered throat cancer, announced that he had gotten rid of the tumor.

“I feel good, I feel much better,” he said during a television program Today on NBC. “The tumor has disappeared.” The actor added that the tumor had disappeared due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy , and in such cases the chances of complete remission are very high. So, the famous actor used the services of doctors. Somewhat earlier it was announced that the world tour would help him … Well, apparently, the actor’s family and himself, having weighed all the pros and cons, decided to use the services of an oncological clinic before the round-the-world tour. If the matter is on the mend, then perhaps M. Douglas will still have time to travel well.

But Australian children are not lucky …

Researchers studied 39 cases of harm to children using non-traditional methods of treatment, which were recorded in Australia from 2001 to 2003. The age of patients ranged from several months to 16 years. Four of these cases have been fatal.

In 30 cases, the deterioration of the health of sick children occurred directly due to the use of alternative therapy. In addition, 17 patients suffered as a result of refusing to use therapies with proven effectiveness.

According to a study, in one of the cases described, an 8-month-old child died. He was taken to hospital in a state of exhaustion and septic shock after five months of a rice milk diet that was attempted to cure difficulty breathing. A 10-month-old baby also died of sepsis as a result of dietary and homeopathic “treatment” of chronic eczema.

Another child died after several epileptic seizures — his parents refused to use anticonvulsants (anti-epileptic drugs), fearing the side effects of drugs. The fourth of the dead children was treated with unconventional methods, while he was shown anticoagulants (anti-clotting agents).

The researchers noted that alternative medicine was applied to children suffering from various diseases, including diabetes, cerebral palsy, bleeding disorders and constipation. Scientists recalled that children could not make their own decisions about the therapy they needed, and warned parents against using alternative therapies.

Okay, Australia Australia, and we have our own troubles.

Some statistics

Some time ago, RAMS conducted an anonymous survey. And that turned out to be: 80 percent of patients who later turned to oncologists had first applied to healers and sorcerers. Scientists also found out: 40% of the so-called healers themselves need to be treated … psychiatric, and 95% of traditional healers do not have a medical education.

However, people went first to the dubious “bioenergy therapists.” Why did this happen? They went where they were promised to help. They were guaranteed a cure. Scientists also see other causes: the crisis of modern symptomatic medicine, which does not provide relief from the causes of the disease.

Any oncologist will tell you the tragic stories about how people got to him, who could have been saved a few months earlier, but they died, thanks to the “care” of relatives.

Igor Reshetov, MD, Head of the Department of Oncology Research Institute. Herzen: “A young girl of 19 years old came to my office. The tumor was located in the orbit. Parents treated her with the“ Most Unexceptional ”bioenergy therapist, he“ spoke ”the tumor on the phone (!). This went on for three months. When the girl came to to us, we were no longer able to help her. Soon she died. A terrible lesson for parents – after all, they “helped” the child with their own hands … “And the oncologists tell you dozens of them. Behind each is a tragedy.

There are, of course, other “generally accepted” methods. They are not so terrible at first. But only at first. The tragedy is only somewhat delayed in time. We love:

For several days do not eat or drink: they say, cleanse the body , losing weight. However, it should be remembered that such a fashion can lead to gouty arthritis. Fasting increases the body’s breakdown of muscle tissue, fatty tissue. At the same time, slags are not removed, and new ones accumulate. Ketone bodies are formed, relatives of acetone. And the starving intestines keep on accumulating and accumulating toxic substances. Dry fasting – a direct road to intensive care. There is only one normal way to cleanse the body and lose weight: eat healthy foods and move in the open air.